SEO Tips: How To Make Your Local Business Rank Higher On Google

As you may be well aware the internet has certainly changed the world. Instead of people racing to deliver fliers in their neighborhoods, they’re now racing to get the top spot on the search results list on an internet search engine results list. Although it’s a virtual world, one needs to remember that it’s the biggest communication, entertainment and informational medium that exists. Therefore, SEO tips how to make your local business rank higher on Google without hassle are some great things to be aware of.

Businesses that have a physical location have it tough. In this economy, it’s especially hard to keep doors open. A large part of this is due to publicity. The more people are exposed, the more customers that will have. When it comes right down to it, the truth is that the internet has taken the place of physical advertisements. Use this to an advantage.

First, think of yellow pages. You remember those. They came to houses in plastic bags and listed all of the local businesses. They still exist, just not in that exact format. They have moved to the worldwide web. Simply register with the local yellow pages directory and become listed there. It’s a good way to get exposure because people can access it instantly.

Second of all, Search Engine Optimization is a great way to upgrade any site. It basically optimizes the site by tweaking keywords and changing content so that it will rank highers in any search results list, especially Google, which is the leading search engine, and therefore make it more likely for you to accumulate internet traffic.

Third, Keywords are extremely important. They basically are the key to getting hits online. For example, when you search for something online, while you’re typing, suggestions come up, basically offering up possible locations for your access. When you see a search results list, the actual sites are littered with bold words, which are the keywords. Use these liberally, but not so much that you’re marked as spam.

Fourth, Any tourists will often visit a city’s website before they actually go visit. Put up ads here, because you’ll find that it’s a great way to get exposure. Make sure the location is very clear and you have some nice images of the physical location up and running. It’s easy and you’ll find that you will get a lot of traffic that way.

In short, there’s so many opportunities to choose from. All you need is a little knowledge of computer workings and patience, and you’ll eventually get there in no time. Rule the internet today.

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  1. Great tips once again Kathy, I particularly like the last one, its very important for local online businesses to be listed in local business directories and local city websites. Google is putting a lot of emphasis on local search and this would certainly help small businesses.

  2. Nice tips but what I think is:

    Seo is not very important anymore(although it is not dead yet) with after the latest update from Google in algorithm. Google is now smart enough to judge your content both syntactically and semantically. You cannot dodge him. Your first priority in these days should be write for people not for search engines to get long term benefits…

  3. I fully agree with your all points, i had read somewhere that now the content is king in seo. I know that patience is very important to get good results but do you know any way to get fast rankings??

  4. I think local customer reviews and citations have great importance in improving local business rank higher in Google.All steps are really very helpful and they can help a lot to any webmaster to increase local business rank in Google.
    Many Thanks!

  5. i do agree with your all of your post ,because seo is very important to improve your business sales and deciding the best keywords play a very important role to improve your rank in search engines.

  6. I just heard from a book by Jim Cockrum 101 Free Marketing Tips that using Google Places is a great way to rank up the scale with Google. Would you agree?

  7. These times it is essential that you aim for local search if you want your business to succeed. A lot of people are using Google whenever they need something, whether it is just within their neighborhood or country. So the way to go is to make sure that your website is showing for all the local search that relevant to your business. Or else you are missing a big chunk from all of these prospects.

  8. Great thanks for sharing! I have been doing a little SEO on the side and in a few months I’ve observed that it has helped my business become popular thus, giving me more sales than before without it.

  9. Link Building is the only strong and legit method to bring your website ranking upward. But after google Pp updates its better to slow down your ninja techniques and bulk link methods in a way it will penalize your site, and most important don/t do spamming. Every one hates it.
    Any way i read another very interesting and very informative article by you Kathy . Thanks alot for this once again.

  10. Now days keywords are not important in seo onpage. At this time we have to keep focus only on title and keywords to get captured by google or bing etc.

  11. Expand your Google Places listing. Be sure to include a simple description of what your business does, what your hours are, where you are located or what area you serve if you do not have a physical storefront.

  12. Think about what your ideal clients and customers might be typing into Google, and then find out if your hunch is right by looking keywords up in Google’s free Keyword Tool.

  13. From my experience i can say that it is difficult to make our local business rank higher as compare to improving ranking of website organically on google. I follow lot of techniques to get local results of client on top position and each time i experienced that different technique works

  14. Thank you so much for these suggestions. Ranking higher has become even more critical with the new Panda update again.

  15. Ranking higher on Google is never an easy task. You should have the time, extra effort and patience on the methods that you have chosen. White hat method is very much preferred and you should also be updated on all the current trends on SEO. Thanks for sharing this article!